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SYNOPSIS: William Zito, a recently fired weather scientist, has stolen Russian research which pinpoints the exact time and location of a deadly meteor attack. If the powers that be do not attempt to evacuate nearby cities, the debris and ash from the meteor strikes will send Earth into a lengthy species-killing deep freeze known as an Impact Winter. It’s not long before Zito and his daughter, Haley, find themselves on the run from the Russians and the deadly Artemis Meteor System. DETAILS: FORMAT: DVD GENRE: Sci-Fi RATING: NR RUNTIME: 73 minutes LANGUAGE: English DISC COUNT: 1 NOTABLE TALENT: Amber Doig -Thorne (Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey,Override, Summoning Bloody Mary 2) Richard Kovacs (Hatched,The Gardener, Dragon Fury 2) May Kelly (Winnie the pooh, Sky Monster,Rise of the loch ness,Graphic Desires) Matthew Baunsgard(Alien Abduction, Legend of the Lizard Man, Slasher House 3 Rebooted) ALIEN INVASION

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