3003 Days of Mike & Me / And the Wars Between Us by Donegan, Martha Voutas
Donegan, Martha Voutas

3003 Days of Mike & Me / And the Wars Between Us -- Martha Voutas Donegan - Paperback

Amid 150,000 people, the author re-meets an old schoolmate at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dedication in Washington, DC, and what unfolds is a love story between two unlikely people; Mike, a veteran of 173rd Airborne Brigade and Ranger medic / LRRP, haunted by his time in service, and Martha, a successful NYC entrepreneur and designer with a client list of fashion superstars. Through their 3003-day journey, Martha eloquently describes their effort to recover Mike's "lost" self as he is diagnosed with PTSD, as well as her own recovery after the loss of their child, poisoned by Agent Orange. Now, Martha's clients are dying of AIDS. Martha tells the story partly through Mike's letters, from the early romantic stages, and after the couple is married when Mike re-ups in t he USArmy. Through their letters, it becomes both of their stories, A Double Memoir, true story.

Author: Martha Voutas Donegan
Publisher: Martha Voutas Donegan
Published: 05/09/2023
Pages: 372
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.20lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.83d
ISBN: 9798987593608
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