The Puppeteer and The Poisoned Pawn by Szeker, Brandi Elise

The Puppeteer and The Poisoned Pawn [Paperback] Szeker, Brandi Elise - Paperback

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Skylenna's world stops revolving around Dessin as she learns of a new secret he's been hiding. Plagued with betrayal, anger, and paralyzing waves of confusion, Skylenna must put her feelings aside and focus on saving DaiSzek from the Vexamen Breed. But after tragedy strikes, she embarks on a journey alone to learn the dark, epic secrets of her past. The lost memories of her childhood. The missing pieces of Dessin's grand plan.

Yet, what if this sinister truth is enough to tip her over the edge? What happens when the sweet, compassionate girl is gone, and all that's left is a monster born of irreversible trauma?

Skylenna is no longer the helpless pawn to be moved across a board. In fact, it's time for her to take the strings and orchestrate the darkest puppet show to ever reach the stage of the Emerald Lake Asylum.

Disclaimer: This book contains explicit content and dark elements and may be considered offensive to some readers. Check trigger warnings before reading. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by underage readers.

This is a dark dystopian society that is intended to be problematic. Please note that this is a fictional world and in no way reflects on the author's personal beliefs. We will see the society grow and correct its moral compass over the series.

This book contains: gratuitous violence, mental health journey, grief, depression, death of a loved one, mention of suicide, gratuitous/ detailed torture, physical injuries (such as burn wounds), eating disorder, hallucinations, misogyny, mention of pedophilia, romanticized mental illness, gore, child abuse, mention of animal cruelty (what's vaguely mentioned will never actually happen) dismemberment, female oppression, degradation, starvation, body shaming, sexually explicit scenes, explicit language, religious trauma, horror.

Author: Brandi Elise Szeker
Publisher: Red Oak Publishing LLC
Published: 12/01/2022
Pages: 344
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.11lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.77d
ISBN: 9798985593471